Kiev Ukraine

Kiev Theological Academy is a highest-level theological education institution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and is an academic theological education center, which trains it students to become clergymen, instructors of theological education institutions, and theology scholars.


Four centuries ago the history of the Kiev Orthodox Theological Academy already began, when the confessional situation in Europe was defined by an significant tension. Around the16 th century the life of Orthodox Christians changed a lot. A difficult time starts. Education changed.


I visited the Orthodox school for the first time in May 2017 . I met a middle aged man, wearing a verstment and a huge cross chain called Ivan Sydor. Ivan, a very gentle and open minded teacher, who works at the academy. Besides working there since eight years he also lives there in a small room with his child and his wife. Ivan is teaching the studendts every day. He loves teaching and most of all he loves this young students, who are totally passionate about becoming a priest one day.

I had the honour to talk to the young students as well and I was fascinated by their ambition of becoming a priest: „ A life for God“. They were happy, very gentle , polite and most of all resilient towards life.